Kristina Guelazonia was born in 1978, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was during her childhood that a passion for the arts developed, thanks to her family environment, her education, and her hometown, immersed in history and culture.

At 10, Kristina entered the School of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg, and over the years her passion for art was affirmed. At the same time, she took private lessons with two remarkable artists in their workshops, Tatiana Soloviova-Domoshenko and Anatoly Sidorov, two professors from the Academy of Fine Arts. At 21, Kristina Guelazonia moved to France in a small town on the shores of Lake Geneva, where she continued to sharpen her skills, accumulate experience and utilizing the knowledge shared with her. For Kristina, art should not only evoke positive emotions. Her style can be defined as figurative, where mastery of drawing is essential. She works on different subjects: completely imaginary themes or real-life scenes,  such as portraits, still life, and landscapes. Kristina actively participates in numerous exhibitions in France and Switzerland.