Since her youth, Kristina Guelazonia has been drawn to the artistic world. This early passion for painting and drawing led her to the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, where she honed her talent under renowned professors from the Repin Academy of Fine Arts, alongside her fashion studies, thus laying the solid foundation that allowed her to carve her own path in the art world.

Established in France, Kristina has continuously explored and enriched her experience, considering life itself as an essential school for any artist. Her work encompasses a variety of techniques, ranging from oil painting to tempera, carefully chosen for each project and idea. For her, art is materialized thought, expressed in either figurative or abstract form, as a means of expressing what escapes words. Among her sources of inspiration are Vrubel, Malyavine, Rockwell, and Richard Schmid.

Among her creations, one discovers entirely different universes, including abstractions under the pseudonym KANANI. Inspired by her fashion studies, where she had already explored sketches in this style, Kristina brings a unique touch to each of her works.

The artist is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of her art. She notably discovered the technique of botanical bas-relief, which she refined and developed through her own research, thus becoming one of the first French artists to specialize in this original form of artistic expression.

Always eager for new knowledge, Kristina immersed herself in Byzantine iconography, exploring the technique of egg tempera with passion.

Her work has been rewarded with numerous successful exhibitions in France and Switzerland. She notably showcased her works in a solo exhibition in Geneva and was a finalist in a competition organized by the Circle Foundation for the Arts.

Although her artistic journey is still in its early stages, Kristina Guelazonia has already made a mark with her creativity and boldness. Her promising talent attracts the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, who continue to be fascinated by the diversity and depth of her work.