Figurative art

Paintings and drawings

I often work in series, and here you can discover some of them:

The Living Windows”: My fascination with scenes observed through windows inspired this series. In my native country, window sills are wide enough to display objects. I imagine these windows as theater scenes where each object creates a story. I use a multitude of strokes and nuances to bring these compositions to life.

Attic Treasures”: My studio is located in an attic filled with ancient and dusty objects. This series celebrates my passion for still life. I’ve reclaimed these old objects and given them a new life, thus inscribing them into the history of their existence.

Masquerade”: Inspired by the Renaissance era and my background in costume design, this series explores the techniques and clothing of that period.

Each of these series reflects my love for art and my desire to capture beauty as well as to tell stories.

KANANI Abstract works