Kristina Guelazonia

Kristina Guelazonia artiste peintre

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Some words from the artist:

Painting is a passion for me, it is an integral part of my life. I consider myself as an eternal pupil of nature. The painting in its infinity, offers me a show everyday, preventing me from having a routine.

By observing the nature I learnt to be in constant search for harmony, with its shapes, colours or light. I look for beauty in simple things, perhaps unnoticed by others, such as subtle nuances in the shadows, a light falling on an object, or the rhythms created by nature or the hand of man. Light makes everything unique and sublime.

It is this idea of beauty that allows me to progress in this long path that is the art of painting.

My favorite technique is the oil painting. It allows me to feel free because it adapts to my needs. I often change the way I paint depending on the subject chosen: transparent glaze, fine and delicate touch or wheelbase, knife, fingers … My painting is not constant, like everything in this world. I would be bored a lot by always painting the same subjects the same way. The only thing that does not change: I remain faithful to the tradition.

The goal of each painting created is to transfer my feelings of the moment.